Beauty Subscription Boxes VS Chocolate Subscription Boxes

Thinking of a subscription box for you or as a gift to your love ones? Get a Chocolate Subscription box.

Yes, you read me right. If you’ve noticed the trend of people getting beauty subscription boxes as a gift for themselves, their friends or partners and wonder if you should follow suit, I would recommend spending your cash on chocolate subscription boxes instead.

Why? You might ask. Let me share with you my take on Chocolate subscription boxes VS Beauty subscription boxes and you can decide for yourself.

About Beauty Subscription Boxes

Firstly, although both types of boxes rely heavily on the element of surprise, the surprise of beauty boxes mostly lasts until you open your box and see its contents. The rate of hits and misses for every box varies drastically from individual to individual. As much of a beauty box subscription fan I am, I want to give an honest opinion about beauty boxes. If you’ve subscribed to beauty boxes before, you might have noticed that many of us fawn over a particular category of product or two. Many a time, the things inside a beauty box that make us happy are:

  • If the product is from a brand we know or already love,
  • the product is from a category of products we’re interested in (eg: skincare, makeup..etc…) or
  • we receive a full-sized product.


The thing is, if the beauty box did not contain anything that falls under the reasons mentioned, my initial surprise would have most likely turned into disappointment and I would classify the box as a miss. My point is, the excitement for each beauty box ends fairly too quickly.

Secondly, if we’re lucky enough to find that one or two products that made us excited, not all of us will use up or may even try all of the remaining products we receive every month. We end up having increasing piles of products stored or given away.

Thirdly, not all products suit your skin. For the more curious and adventurous ones, we will test the unfamiliar products out. Sadly, not all products are graciously welcomed by our skin and can result in breakouts. Imagine unintentionally subscribing for your girlfriend the gift of pimples or giving to your friend a product that triggered reactions on her skin. T_T!?!

dissapointed shopper

Forth, some of the beauty samples can be gotten over the counter for free. So regardless of the price of the sample is in terms of its ratio given compared to the actual full-sized products (eg: full-sized 20 ml is $20, so the sample size 5 ml is $5), some of us do not see its value as such (Can get free means can get free).

Fifth, some of the sample-sized products are so miserable in amount that before I can really experience the effects of the products, I’ve already used all of it. (We like to try the sample, like the sample then buy full products right? (^w^)

Some of the experience I had were: try the sample and not enough sample aka don’t know if it’s really good or not. ( -_-! )

Sixth, when I open a beauty box from my boyfriend, the contents are very gender specific. I look at the products, smile, squeal in delight, hug and then say thank you. I try the products on myself and my girlfriends.  Sometimes, my girlfriends dare not use an unfamiliar brand; I’ll just chuck it aside. As for a chocolate box, I can share every bar with him, and we enjoy the gift together. Tasting and savouring the chocolates becomes a bonding experience for the both us. I can even bring the rest home and share them with my family.

Now, I must say, my post is not to simply condemn beauty boxes and promote chocolate boxes.

Beauty boxes do have their perks and will be recommended if:

  • you or your girlfriend has been eyeing beauty boxes,
  • you have a strong preference for makeup/beauty products over chocolates,
  • your aim is to try different beauty products,
  • you don’t want to buy full-sized products unless you’ve tried a sample of it,
  • you are willing to experiment with unfamiliar products on your skin and
  • is willing to spare the extra cash on products that you might not really or even use.

The Little Black Beauty Box , Vanity Trove , Glamabox and Bellabox are some of the Beauty subscription boxes available in Singapore.
chocolate pics

About Chocolate Subscription Boxes

Personally, I love both types of boxes but I do feel Chocolate subscription boxes have a higher hit than miss rates and are more value for money especially if you’re a chocolate lover.

Reason being, the chocolate box is very much focused. Yes, there are a variety of chocolates but chocolate is way more readily welcomed and less subjected to disappointment. You want chocolates? You get chocolates. This means the hit rates of chocolate boxes are way higher than miss rates.

Next, if you’re craving for chocolates that are not easily accessible in Singapore, you’ll probably have to head over to stores that sell more unique chocolates. The thing is, not all chocolate stores offer premium quality chocolate but many of such stores do sell the chocolates with a hefty price tag just because you cannot easily find them in Singapore.

chocolates quotes

Also, there’s such a huge variety of chocolates that you might not know what to get. A Chocolate subscription box service does the selection for you and delivers them right to your doorstep.

Furthermore, chocolate is universal. The same chocolate box as a gift can be as popular and loved to your boyfriend or to your mother because it’s premium chocolate! I can give away my beauty product samples to my friends but the joy is not as satisfying as giving them a full-sized bar of chocolate or opening an interesting bar of chocolate and sharing it around.

It’s a unisex and classic product that is very unlike many beauty products that can be very gender specific.

Also, a chocolate subscription box will be more creative and unique as compared to swiping products off a shelf in the supermarket. You also get more choices as compared to going to a particular brand of chocolate shop.
keep calm and eat chocolates

So, if you:

  • are a chocolate lover who wants to try different types of premium chocolates,
  • take pleasure in indulging in sensations derived from relishing  Artisan chocolates,
  • Subscribe to subscription boxes for the element of surprise,
  • want a higher hit than miss rate,
  • like generous portions of actual full-sized products; not sample-sized stuff,
  • have sensitive skin and don’t like risking trying out new products on your skin,
  • want to surprise your love ones with a subscription box and
  • want to enjoy gourmet treats with your love ones,

If you’re in Singapore, I would recommend getting a Chocolate subscription box from Luxby.

Click here if you are keen to know more about my experience of Mouth-watering Chocolate subscription boxes from Luxby.

What are your views and experiences on beauty subscription boxes or chocolate subscription boxes? Share them or type your blog address in the comments box below.


Audrey Chy


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